Jose Can You Sea? Salt

Jose Can You Sea? Salt

Meet Jose, "By The Sea Salt's" slightly more adventurous younger brother, with a lemony citrus background and a bit of warmth. It is not over the top hot and can be used on most all of the same things that "By The Sea Salt" is used on. We also like to use it as a rub before grilling on things like fish, pork and chicken. It adds zest to salads and sandwiches, as well.

If you're interested, Pamela's favorite way to use Jose is guacamole.  Two ripe avocados mashed to chunky perfection, one tablespoon (to taste) Jose Can You Sea? salt, and a thorough squeeze of fresh lime juice.  Cinco de Mayo- everyday!


INGREDIENTS: Kosher Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper, Basil, Parsley, Lemon Peel, Cayenne, Citric Acid

4oz glass jar by volume 2 oz net weight.

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