about us

The setting is Martha's Vineyard in the early 90's.  Cherrilla, the creator of "By The Sea Salt" decides to share her mother's seasoning blend with the masses.  Cherrilla knew the perfectly balanced concoction once bagged and shared as "herb salt" by her mom would be a hit.  Starting a business from scratch is hard work and Cherrilla showcased her determination by hand stamping every label in the early days.  As it turns out, By The Sea Salt is fascinatingly addictive and the rest is history.

Fast forward today we still hand blend By The Sea Salt here, on Martha's Vineyard, as we speak.  Who am I?  I'm Pamela, By The Sea Salt groupie gone wild and you'll most likely be in touch with me about your orders or questions.  We're just some kooky island chicks trying to spice up your lives.

Get in touch.  We want to know how you found us.  And of course- love letters are always welcome.  Enjoy.