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By The Sea Salt goes with practically everything
Just what IS By The Sea Salt?

“By The Sea Salt” is an all natural combination of herbs and spices used to enhance the flavor of beef, poultry, pork, fish, and vegetables.

There are no artificial preservatives or flavorings. Every ingredient in “By The Sea Salt” can be found in any third grade vocabulary list and if we can’t pronounce it we won’t eat it!

It’s unique effect on foods is the result of years of experimentation with the ratios of the various herbs and their relationships to each other and the foods with which they are combined.
~ By The Sea Salt is $4.50 each and comes in 4 ounce jars.  ~
It's finally time for us to introduce José Can You Sea Salt? to the world!

Like its older sibling, "By The Sea Salt", its an all natural product. Actually a tangier version with a lemony citrus background flavor and a bit warm. It is not over the top hot and can be used on most all of the same things that "By The Sea Salt" is used on. We also like to use it as a rub before grilling on things like fish, pork and chicken. It adds zest to salads and sandwiches, as well.

Wed like you to try it and let us know how you feel about it. If you have suggestions please pass them on as well. We can take it. Leslei sits in front of the computer all day just waiting for someone to order something or say something, even if it isnt nice.

~ José Can You Sea? Salt is $5.00 each and comes in 4 ounce jars.  ~

By the Sea Salt and José Can You Sea? Salt can be used on nearly everything!
Please enjoy our original blend of seasonings from the isle of Martha's Vineyard responsibly!
Call us to order or for more information!
Made fresh in Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, MA

E-mail us: orders@bytheseasalt.com
Mail: PO Box 3158
West Tisbury MA 02575

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